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Rare Disease Studies: A Comfortable Patient Is A Retained Patient

By October 31, 2020March 9th, 2022No Comments

Market Research Director at Industry Standard Research Sherry Hubbard-Bednasz discusses rare disease patient retention. Industry Standard Research recently developed research aimed at understanding the nuances associated with rare disease studies.

“Specifically, what does the uphill battle of patient retention look like? What are the secret weapons to minimize conditions conducive to dropout? In a study conducted in April of this year, 125 industry professionals involved in rare disease patient recruitment and retention activities were candid about their experiences. No clinical trial guru is needed to tell you that very sick patients have limits to what they can do in the name of science. But does that mean protocols are embracing patient comfort as much as they should?”

Read the full article at Clinical Leader, and take a look at our recent Rare Disease Study Design research for direct statements from Rare Disease study coordinators on the patient recruitment challenge.