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Customer Perception

Enhancing the vendor selection process.

Leverage our qualitative in-depth interviews to gain valuable insights from your current customers. Through targeted conversations, we aim to understand the service provider selection process and the reasons behind choosing your company. These findings will provide detailed customer journey insights and drive operational improvements. Discover the power of our tailored questioning approach to unlock essential customer perspectives.

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Probing the Vendor Selection Process

Gain in-depth understanding of how customers initiate the vendor selection process, including preferred methods (PP list, scratch, past experiences). Uncover their information sources and identify the most influential factors driving their decisions.


Identifying Key Attributes

Explore the main attributes customers seek in a vendor and determine whether they targeted a specific type or considered a broader range. Assess their motivations for returning to your company, highlighting the strengths that resonate with them.


Uncovering Customer Insights and Recommendations

Capture customers’ perspectives on why they selected your company and evaluate their ongoing experience. Gather valuable feedback on where expectations were met, exceeded, or missed. Utilize their recommendations to enhance your offerings and strengthen customer relationships.


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We have best-in-class access to industry decision-makers.

Pharmaceutical and biotech personnel
Contract drug development and manufacturing personnel
Clinical investigators and study coordinators

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