Market Research Designed Specifically for Your Company’s Needs

People associate Industry Standard Research with high quality syndicated research reports. However half of our business is custom, fit-for-purpose market research. For example, if you need a better understanding of your customers, markets, products, services, or employees, nobody is better equipped to help than ISR. We have the fastest access to the most qualified personnel in the drug development and drug manufacturing industries around the globe.

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Methodologies we regularly employ:


Focus groups
(in-person and online)

In-depth telephone interviews

Best-in-class industry access to:

Pharmaceutical & Biotech personnel

If your company needs to gather information from clinical, commercial, and/or manufacturing decision-makers at pharmaceutical companies, then look no further than ISR. Our industry-leading HealthPanelTM enables us to access enough of these decision-makers in an efficient manner, saving you time and opportunity cost.

Contract drug development and manufacturing personnel

There is no doubt that over the past decade the power and influence that service providers have over the clinical development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products has grown exponentially. Today, service providers are being marketed to, just as much as they are marketing themselves. If your company is looking for decision-makers at CROs or CMOs, then ISR should be one of your first calls. We understand the inner workings of service providers better than any market research company, period.


There might not be a more talked about topic in the pharmaceutical industry than “patient-centric.” Patients are such a critical component in clinical development, manufacturing/packaging, and commercial operations that their thoughts and opinions cannot be overlooked.

Clinical investigators and study coordinators

Industry Standard Research has access to thousands of site personnel around the globe. They’re critical not only to the success of your clinical trial, but to the success of the clinical trials industry.


You already know you need to understand prescribers and their needs. They’re one of your most important constituents. Make sure you use a research provider who understands your needs and speaks prescribers’ language.


These are a difficult-to-reach constituent and ISR has access. Their perspective in the healthcare chain is unique in its proximity to the medicines and the people taking them. With increasing scrutiny on pricing and the availability of generics and biosimilars, they’re a critical part of the product decision-making process.


No product is launched or optimized in its market penetration without understanding its place in the landscape of competitive products including pricing, clinical outcomes and unmet needs.

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