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New Product Development

Unleash the potential of your service offerings through effective testing.

Whether you’re introducing new processes or innovative offerings, our expertise enables us to design comprehensive studies that provide invaluable feedback on product specifications and adoption likelihood. With a focus on accessing decision-makers and employing the right methodologies, we ensure that your new products are primed for success.

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Accessing Decision-Makers

We understand that the key to effective new product development testing lies in obtaining feedback from real decision-makers. We have established relationships and access to decision-makers in the biopharma industry, enabling us to gather insights directly from those who hold the power to adopt new products. By engaging decision-makers in the testing process, we gain a deep understanding of their needs, preferences, and potential barriers to adoption.

Asking the Right Questions

Designing the right questionnaire is paramount in new product development testing. Our experienced team knows how to go beyond surface-level inquiries to uncover the enablers and barriers to product adoption.


Replacing Current Offerings

We explore whether the new service is positioned as a replacement for existing offerings. By understanding what might be lacking in the current solutions, we identify opportunities for improvement and tailor your new product to address specific pain points.

Identifying Key Beneficiaries:

We investigate who within the buyer’s organization will benefit most from the new product. This knowledge allows us to fine-tune messaging and value propositions, to ensure that they resonate with the individuals who hold the decision-making power.

Uncovering the Why, How, and For Whom

We recognize that simply assessing the value of a new product is not enough. Our methodologies go beyond surface-level analysis to reveal the underlying motivations behind adoption rates. We seek to understand the “why” and “how” of product adoption, as well as identify the specific individuals and roles within the buyer’s organization that will drive its success. This comprehensive approach ensures that your new offerings are not only valuable but are tailored to meet the unique needs of your target audience.

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We have best-in-class access to industry decision-makers.

Pharmaceutical and biotech personnel
Contract drug development and manufacturing personnel
Clinical investigators and study coordinators

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