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Customer Satisfaction

An ongoing feedback solution.

Our innovative ongoing feedback program can elevate your company’s customer satisfaction. Work with us to develop customized triggers (when a customer meets a set of criteria that makes them a good candidate for research) and surveys to better understand your company’s service delivery from the eyes of customers. This solution allows your company to proactively address concerns, strengthen relationships, and unlock valuable insights. Tap into the power of data-driven analyses to enhance operational excellence and drive long-term success.

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Tailored Triggers for Continuous Insights

Customize triggers to send surveys at critical project milestones and seamlessly integrate with your company’s workflow to ensure timely communication.

Alternatively, opt for a time-based approach, to conduct regular surveys at intervals that suit your organization’s needs. Maximize the potential of your CRM system to streamline the process.

Empowering Feedback for Customer-Centric Growth

Uncover the true value of customer feedback by providing a formal platform for their input. Our program allows your company to proactively identify and address potential issues, nurturing stronger relationships.

Gain actionable insights that drive improvements and prevent any negative impact on customer satisfaction.

Customizable Analysis for Strategic Decision-Making

Collaborate with ISR to develop bespoke categories aligned with your objectives for analysis. Categories may be based on phases, geography, delivery mechanisms, dosage types, interventional/non-interventional aspects, and more.

By analyzing data through these lenses, you can extract valuable insights that inform targeted improvements and drive strategic decision-making.

Let us help you engage your target market.

We have best-in-class access to industry decision-makers.

Pharmaceutical and biotech personnel
Contract drug development and manufacturing personnel
Clinical investigators and study coordinators

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