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Clinical Trials

Five Steps to CRO SelectionClinical Trials

Five Steps to CRO Selection

Sponsors can facilitate successful CRO partnerships by clearly defining the goals of the clinical trial, choosing an outsourcing model that considers project needs and internal capabilities/resources appropriately, communicating consistently and effectively during the decision-making process, and informing provider selection with…
Clinical Trials

Clinical Development Outsourcing Models (5th Ed.)

Clinical Development Outsourcing Models (5th Ed.) Outsourcing has become a crucial component of clinical development programs for many biopharmaceutical companies. The practice allows for increased flexibility in resourcing and enables sponsors to leverage external expertise, access innovative technologies, and gain…
Clinical Trials

Predictive Power of Perceived Leadership

The Industry Standard Research CRO Benchmarking reports contain service provider experiences and perspectives from recent users in the biopharmaceutical sphere. This information can inform sponsor organizations to make more educated CRO selections for their Phase I, II, and III studies.…