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Optimize CRO Marketing Strategies with Benchmarking Data

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My name is Zain, and I am the Director of Marketing at a large CRO. My job is to elevate our brand to increase familiarity and awareness of our varied services among sponsor companies. We want to market our strengths, so knowing how our customers rate us across multiple attributes could inform our messaging.

Gaining insight into which attributes are important to sponsors when making selection decisions helps me position our company effectively for increased selection. It is also critical for me to know where we stand in relation to our competitors. By benchmarking my company against the competition, I can optimize our marketing strategies and craft messaging that helps us stand out to drug innovators seeking a CRO.

Understand What Sponsors Are Looking For in a CRO

To be a successful marketer, it is important that I understand which capabilities and services we need to promote to our prospective and current clients. A reliable market research source would provide me with the information I need to accurately showcase our brand, to highlight the areas we may not know are strengths, and to understand our weaknesses so that I might create focused marketing campaigns.

There are a lot of moving pieces among the competition, so keeping up with competitor perceptions feels overwhelming at times. Having dependable benchmarking data is just what I need to market our CRO brand and win more business.

CRO Benchmarking Data Informs Marketing Efforts

ISR’s CRO Benchmarking reports are designed to help clinical research organizations optimize operational and marketing strategies. With this research, readers will understand in which areas their company’s performance shines and in which areas they may need to close the gap relative to competitors.

Marketing professionals will also better understand what sponsors are seeking in a CRO and can use that information to optimize their marketing strategies and create informed messaging for their brand that speaks to drug innovators’ needs and wants.

Optimize CRO Marketing Strategies By Understanding Performance

Equipped with quality market research specific to the clinical trial space, CROs can understand the selection drivers most important to sponsors when choosing CRO service providers. They will also learn from recent customers how CRO performance compared to their expectations across key selection attributes. Accessing this research will allow CROs to hear directly from respondents the reasons for their satisfaction ratings for CRO performance, enabling professionals like me to inform marketing messaging by understanding the areas in which respondents say included CROs excel compared to their competitors.

Inform Your External Messaging to Speak to Client’s Needs

My goal in marketing to make sure our brand is perceived as a leader in the field. Learning our customers’ assessments of our strengths and weaknesses can be invaluable for both the development and marketing of a successful offering. These insights, coupled with findings about which attributes sponsors find important in provider selection, can then be used to design messaging and marketing materials that effectively promote my company’s strengths and differentiators.

Data points such as the ones below helped me understand areas of true strength for my CRO, and areas of weakness that we can improve upon:

Learn more about how you can optimize CRO marketing strategies with benchmarking data, anticipate sponsor’s needs, and position your company as the ideal service provider.