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Using Customer Ratings to Help You Choose the Best CRO

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My name is Alena, and I am a Senior Director of Clinical Development at a biopharmaceutical company. My job is to ensure successful execution of clinical studies that meet our company’s goals and take into account the scientific rigor and quality that we expect. I lead cross-functional teams in a variety of areas and make sure that our studies are completed accurately and efficiently.

It’s important for me to find the best fitting clinical research organization (CRO) to partner with, and when considering which clinical providers will suit our trial needs, it is incredibly beneficial to review customer ratings from other drug sponsors. I can ask my colleagues in the industry for their opinions, but having access to unbiased, third-party data and analysis offers the clearest picture of CRO performance.

Choose A CRO That Will Best Fit Your Trial’s Needs

To do my job, I need to learn all I can about service providers from a trustworthy source. We outsource most of our project work, so I work closely with our CRO partners. The experience of my industry peers is invaluable to me as it helps me understand in which areas each CRO excels and in which we may see shortfalls.

I know what’s important to my company and now I need to know which CROs perform well in these areas so I can convince internal stakeholders to utilize their services for upcoming studies, as well as potentially a longer-term partnership.

Inform CRO Selection with Insightful Customer Ratings

ISR’s CRO Benchmarking reports are designed to help biopharmaceutical companies make more informed CRO selection decisions. With so many providers vying for clinical trial work, it can be challenging to find the right fit for a particular sponsor organization or trial. And without prior experience with a CRO, it is difficult to judge how the CRO will perform. Using customer ratings can help me choose the best CRO for my company’s unique needs.

Key Information for Drug Sponsor Organizations

This research offers insight into CRO customer loyalty based on overall customer satisfaction, willingness to recommend, and likelihood to use again. Readers like me can determine which service providers their company should partner with by identifying how each CRO has performed for its customers across a variety of metrics. Clinical development decision makers can act in the best interest of their organization by understanding which attributes motivate outsourcing selection and learning how satisfied other sponsors were with the value they received in recent service engagements.

Learn How a CRO Has Performed Based on Customer Ratings

With actionable market research data, professionals in my role can understand where a given provider’s performance shines and uncover the selection attributes that other sponsors find important when choosing a CRO. ISR analyzes a variety of factors around CRO selection and shares performance data for CROs on  attributes across several categories (Delivery Factors, Staff Characteristics, Accessibility, and Services). By focusing exclusively on the drug development space and coupling their industry experience with rigorous methodologies, ISR delivers insightful and actionable data to inform drug sponsor’s outsourcing decisions.

Here are a few data points that were useful to me in this report from ISR:

Learn more about how using customer ratings can help you choose the best CRO with confidence and make the right decisions for your clinical development programs.