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CTMS Benchmarking & Market Dynamics

By March 18, 2022October 26th, 2022No Comments

ISR’s CTMS Benchmarking & Market Dynamics (3rd Ed.) aims to tackle clinical trial management systems (CTMS) by helping providers and sponsors alike better understand current trends surrounding this technology and anticipate future ones.

This report is the result of primary research conducted in Q3, 2021 and includes responses from 121 qualified CTMS decision-makers. These respondents are also members of the ISR Health Panel, a community of industry professionals that provides insight into drug development trends and outsourcing behavior.

If you yourself work for a CTMS provider, you can use this report to gain a better understanding of your company’s competitive position in the market and where you can offer advantages over other vendors. You’ll also learn which service attributes and technical capabilities sponsors value most when selecting a provider and how you can improve the next generation of CTMS to meet the needs of your end users.

Verbatim responses in this report (see chart below) hinted at two of the industry’s most desired improvements with regard to CTMS: integration and customization. The ability to integrate CTMS across platforms with in-house and third-party technologies makes for streamlined workflow, while bespoke software allows a company to tailor an application to its specific processes.


Desired CTMS Improvements

“If you were in charge of developing the next generation of CTMS software solutions, what improvements would you make to existing products/services?” (n=117, open-ended responses responses have been themed)

Conversely, if you are researching providers to help improve your clinical trial management process, this report will help you understand which providers have the capabilities to support your clinical trial management needs and how those providers have performed in key service areas according to current and recent users.

For example, if you’re looking for a customizable CTMS that is reliably fast, easy for clinical staff to use, and has great tech support, a company that received responses like the one in the infographic below would likely be a great fit for you.


Service Provider Drill-downs – Performance Relative to Expectations

“For each of the following attributes, please rate company name using the scale provided”

If you feel lost in a sea of software suites and words with an “e” grafted to the front of them, it’s not surprising. Cliché as it sounds, the technological world is growing more rapidly all the time and CTMS is no exception. Since ISR first took a look at CTMS in 2014, the eClinical market (there’s one of those e’s I mentioned) has exploded and is expected to increase more in the next 5 – 7 years.

ISR plans to keep you up to date nevertheless with our growing library of clinical technology reports. Learn more about the current CTMS pain points and anticipated changes by visiting ISR’s website here CTMS Benchmarking & Market Dynamics (3rd Ed.).

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