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ISR Health Panel is the industry’s fastest growing panel of health care and pharmaceutical professionals, with over 3,000 members worldwide. Members include professionals in various types of organizations with a wide variety of responsibilities.

Members contribute their experience and insights via various market research efforts that advance the development, sales, and application of healthcare products and services.

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Why Become a Member?

  • Participate in market research: We’ll reach out to you if we feel that your expertise profile fulfills our current project’s need. Participation in these research efforts is completely optional with each project
  • Honorariums and charitable donations: Each time you participate in one of our research projects, you will receive either a cash stipend (either USD Check or PayPal) or if you choose a charitable donation will be made in your honor. (Stipends / donation vary depending on the research method and length of time required for participation. Participants will be notified in advance which reimbursement method is associated with each survey.) In addition to your honorarium, for every survey a member completes ISR donates a predetermined amount to charity upon your completion
  • Receive quarterly email newsletters: A presentation of findings from recent research ISR Health Panel members contributed to as well as announcements for future studies

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