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Six Questions to Ask About Your Market Research

By August 9th, 2023No Comments

How do you ensure the research products and services you buy will make you confident in the decisions you make? Here are six reasons why Industry Standard Research ensures you are getting the value you should expect from quality market research.

    1. When were the data collected?
      This should be the first question someone asks you during a presentation—and saying “I don’t know” doesn’t sound so good. Whether in custom research or our syndicated library, ISR collects up-to-date data relevant for the project at hand.
    2. Who sponsored the research?
      We are an independent, third-party data source. ISR self-sponsors all of our syndicated research, which allows us to provide clean, unbiased data that will give you the confidence to stand behind your analysis and presentations.
    3. Where did the participants come from?
      ISR’s Health Panel provides an array of participants all company sizes within the pharmaceutical industry. Eliminating sample bias translates into accurate competitive information and improves service quality.
    4. What is the responsibility profile for participants?
      Nothing stops a presentation faster than senior management questioning the fundamental basis of your research. Confidently project the research to your decision-makers knowing that ISR pulls information from key decision-makers.
    5. How many participants take the study?
      Understanding your margin of error allows for better expectation setting, enabling you to consistently hit your performance metrics. Using our proprietary Health Panel, ISR ensures our studies reach the large sample size required for accurate analysis
    6. What is the background of the analyst who managed the project and reporting?
      ISR others experienced analysts with hands-on industry knowledge. Our analysts will produce insights that you can quickly turn into fit-for-purpose recommendations for your organization.