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New Research Shows Small and Mid-Size CROs Inspire Greater Customer Loyalty

By April 19, 2010December 20th, 2021No Comments

Cary, N.C. – April 19, 2010 – Industry Standard Research (ISR Reports) today announced the launch of the 2010 Edition of the CRO Quality Benchmarking Report. 150 pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals provided their experiences with dozens of small, mid-size and large CROs in this “Consumer Reports”-style analysis of the industry. In total, data were collected on over 740 Sponsor / CRO interactions.

“While the large, multi-service brands often dominate awareness in our research, it’s not uncommon for smaller, more specialized companies to receive higher marks for service quality and that’s what we’ve found in this year’s Benchmarking Report”, explained Kevin Olson, President, ISR Reports. Olson went on to state: “This year’s customer loyalty leaders include companies like MedPace, SGS Life Sciences and Octagon. We believe these smaller companies are better able to maintain high standards in the hiring of customer-facing staff and possibly the maintenance of tighter process controls that lead to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

The report provides extensive service quality profiles of 25 CROs. Profiles include sponsor ratings across 20 important dimensions of service delivery, service variability, satisfaction, usage profiles, price perceptions and much more. ISR Reports also developed purchase scenarios that recommend specific CROs for sponsors’ outsourcing short lists.

Kevin Olson, President ISR Reports, further explains: “We received very positive feedback from both sponsors and CROs on the first edition of the report. It was clear that sponsors felt empowered by the data to ask better questions of potential vendors and to make more informed final CRO selections. And our CRO customers welcomed the unbiased source of performance and competitive information. We’re confident that the 2nd Edition of the CRO Quality Benchmarking Study will add even more value since we’ve expanded the ratings to include significantly more small and mid-size CROs than last year.”

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