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New Research Profiles the Site Coordinator’s Role in Clinical Trials Success

By November 15, 2010December 20th, 2021No Comments

Cary, N.C. – November 15, 2010 – Industry Standard Research (ISR) today announced the launch of a new and substantial research report titled “Improving Patient Recruitment and Feasibility: Recommendations from Site Coordinators.” This report presents data and analysis from 124 interviews with Study / Site Coordinators from the US, Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

“Most professionals in the drug development community intuitively understand that on-site coordinators play a role in managing clinical trials on behalf of trial sponsors and CROs. But data from several of our reports suggest that the importance of coordinators’ contributions to trial success may be underestimated”, explained Kevin Olson, CEO, ISR. Olson went on to state: “Most of the energy that sponsors and CROs place on a site tends to be directed at engaging the Investigators themselves. While the investigator is an undeniably important piece of the puzzle, our data suggest that directly engaging a site’s coordinator is likely to yield both faster recruitment and higher quality data.”

The report provides a detailed analysis of coordinators’ responsibilities; coordinators’ critical perspectives on improving the accuracy of feasibility estimates; and their insights into current patient recruitment practices and how to meaningfully improve them. The report even profiles sites’ uses of – and preferences for – different EDC and ePRO technologies.

Kevin Olson, CEO of Industry Standard Research, further explains: “Drug development professionals are forever looking for ways to strengthen their partnerships with sites, and for good reason. “Improving Patient Recruitment and Feasibility: Recommendations from Site Coordinators” report provides a rigorous and insightful account of just how to do that. Site Coordinators told us, in detail, the type of relationships they want with sponsors and CROs, the mechanisms of communications they value, and the successes and shortcomings of current processes. We believe that everything in this report can be put into immediate action.”

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