Informing the drug development and commercialization industry Cary, N.C. – February 28, 2012 – Industry Standard Research (ISR) today announced the availability of its 4th annual CRO Quality Benchmarking Report.  The 2012 version released Tuesday includes 125 pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals and their experiences with dozens of small, mid-size, and large CROs offering Phase II/III services.  In total, data were collected on more than 350 service encounters. “In spite of having recently acquired Kendle, INC Research received the most consistent service quality ratings of all the companies we profiled in this year’s study,” stated Kevin Olson, CEO, Industry Standard Research.  “It wouldn’t have been unreasonable to expect some service quality struggles during such an integration, but their customers are very satisfied.” Olson went on:  “Our research found that the large CROs as a whole are performing fairly well across the 21 attributes we measured.  A couple – but not all – of the traditional industry stalwarts find themselves in positions of strength this year.” However, the findings did not favor only large CROs.  In fact, some of the strongest profiles belong to mid-size and specialty CROs.  “Our data would suggest that if Worldwide Clinical Trials is not on your radar as a potential CRO partner, you should consider some due diligence on them as they were the only CRO with a strong “preference profile” that also had a favorable price perception,” stated Olson. Changes in an active industry such as this heighten the need for smart CRO choices and vigilance towards service quality. ISR’s Benchmarking Study provides the industry with a much needed tool and information resource to ensure these critical relationships are as productive as possible. In addition to showcasing CRO strengths and weaknesses, the study delivers a detailed analysis of CRO selection drivers, outsourcing volume, preferred CROs, and more.  The report contains 233 pages with several hundred charts and graphs and insightful analysis. About Industry Standard Research Industry Standard Research is the premier, full service market research provider to the pharma and pharma services industries.  With over a decade of experience in the industry, ISR delivers an unmatched level of domain expertise.  For more information about our off-the-shelf intelligence and custom research offerings, please visit the company’s website at or email