Informing the drug development and commercialization industry Cary, N.C. – March 27, 2013 – Industry Standard Research (ISR) today announced the release of a new pharmaceutical market research report entitled “Pancreatic Cancer: Disease and Pipeline Analysis” which provides insight into a market with few effective therapies. “ISR’s latest report profiles the pancreatic cancer market because it is one in which few effective therapies are currently available and has a healthy clinical development pipeline,” explained Andrew Schafer, President of ISR. “The market data in this report is valuable for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical executives looking to optimize and benchmark their clinical development programs and better guide their commercial strategies by understanding the current and future competitive landscape.” ISR’s report provides a thorough overview of the disease, provides incidence figures for all major and emerging markets, profiles the clinical development status of over 60 potential new therapies, and discusses market specific drug “approval dynamics,” such as localized trial and recruitment environments, regulatory environments, competitive product landscape, and pricing and reimbursement environments. “Pancreatic cancer affects a relatively small number of people around the world, which in most markets classify it as an ‘orphan’ or rare disease,” Schafer explained. “This classification means favorable market conditions for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sponsors willing to invest in new therapies in the form of tax breaks and market exclusivity upon regulatory approval.” ISR’s report is based on data compiled by ISR analysts in the first quarter of 2013. For more information, including a full table of contents and list of tables and charts, visit ISR’s website. About Industry Standard Research Industry Standard Research is the premier, full service market research provider to the pharma and pharma services industries.  With over a decade of experience, ISR delivers an unmatched level of domain expertise.  For more information about our off-the-shelf intelligence and custom research offerings, please visit the company’s Web site at, email, or follow us on Twitter @ISRreports.