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Fewer European Prescribers Trust Information Received from Telephone Details than Web-based, In-person Details according to ISR’s New Report

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Cary, NC – February 23, 2016 – Industry Standard Research (ISR) today announced the release of their “Electronic Detailing in Europe: Value and Outcomes” report.  With this report, ISR investigates the changing nature of European pharmaceutical companies’ sales detailing.  While the pharmaceutical sales detail remains a core part of pharmaceutical manufacturer and physician interaction, the detail itself continues to integrate new communication technologies.

“The use of primary research data gathered from physicians in key EU markets and practicing in the leading areas of pharmaceutical development allows the reader to implement technological enhancements to the sales channels informed by the voice of their customers,” explained Dr. Scott Brown, Director of Market Research at Industry Standard Research.  “We take a value and outcomes approach to this research.  We outline and rank in order of importance the value prescribers place on detail sessions – regardless of whether in-person, electronic, or telephone.  Further, we present, by therapeutic specialization, prescribers’ assessments of Usefulness, Satisfaction, Trust, and a number of other outcome variables for each of these detail sessions.  All are necessary measures to understand when planning detailing strategy.”

This report addresses several critical questions including; how have web-based and telephone-based detailing systems been received by physicians practicing in the leading areas of drug development, have these technologies made sales details more efficient and effective, and do physicians in those critical fields find the value and do the outcomes of an electronic detail equal those of an in-person detail.

This report is based on data from 152 European physician surveys.  Each physician is based in either France, Germany, or the United Kingdom and specialized in oncology, cardiology, or respiratory/ pulmonology.

For more information on ISR’s “Electronic Detailing in Europe: Value and Outcomes” report, please visit ISR’s report page.

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