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Commercial Bioprocessing Market Outlook

By August 9th, 2023No Comments

Choosing an outsourcing partner for a commercial bioprocessing endeavor carries a gravitas that those outside that endeavor may not appreciate. Equally significant is the challenge facing CMOs in this space, many of whom are competing against larger, well-known manufacturers with preferred provider agreements already in place. ISR understands both sides of this equation and offers the Commercial Bioprocessing Market Outlook to help innovators and providers alike make the best decisions possible for their respective businesses.

76 verified decision-makers at biopharma companies from North America, Europe, and Asia were surveyed for this research in Q2 of 2020. These respondents all have experience with outsourcing commercial biologics, and many are also members of the ISR Health Panel, a community of industry professionals that provides insight into drug development trends and outsourcing behavior.

Contract manufacturers can use this report to learn which attributes are most important to innovators when deciding whom to partner with. Equipped with this research, CMOs can evaluate whether their marketing endeavors effectively demonstrate that their company possesses the attributes biopharma companies desire. CMOs can also identify customer satisfaction drivers, reasons why providers often lose bids, and better understand the importance of becoming a preferred provider.

This study found that marketed biologics targeting cancers and related conditions will be the fastest growing indication, increasing by about 20% in the next five years (see chart below). Manufacturers benefit from applying projections like this to their strategic planning, and by communicating their prior experience and capabilities with these therapies, which would impress innovators seeking a CMO for those treatment areas.

Biologics by Therapeutic Area

Biopharma companies seeking guidance with their outsourcing decisions can learn from this report as well. Commercial bioprocessing sponsors want to know who the leaders are in that service area and aim to establish reliable, long-term relationships with them. Those sponsors can view a list of CMOs with side-by-side comparisons on metrics such as familiarity, leadership, proposal volume, use, and preference. These data reflect the perceptions of outsourcers at other sponsor companies and describe their interactions with the included service providers.

The previously mentioned outsourcers were asked in ISR’s survey to indicate how recently they had used each provider, which resulted in the chart below. In the full report, the complete list of CMOs can help inform outsourcing decisions when coupled with the top reasons for service provider preference and verbatim responses from outsourcers who have used each CMO. By learning who their competitors are using most often, innovators can make a more educated decision when choosing a manufacturer to outsource their bioprocessing projects.

Service Provider Use

Respondents to this survey stated that selecting the right service provider is one of their greatest challenges when outsourcing commercial bioprocessing work. Manufacturers face their own challenges; striving to stand out in an ever-growing crowd of competition and anticipating the needs of a rapidly evolving market. ISR offers these companies the Commercial Bioprocessing Market Outlook to not only address those challenges, but to overcome them with insightful market research data.

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