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ISR’s New Report Profiles ECG Service Provider Performance

By December 13, 2011December 20th, 2021No Comments

Informing the Drug Development and Commercialization Industry

Cary, N.C. – December 13, 2011 – Industry Standard Research (ISR) today announced the release of a new report titled “Cardiac Safety / ECG Market Dynamics and Service Provider Performance” in which 79 pharmaceutical sponsor decision-makers provide their insights and forecasts regarding the ECG market by rating 286 service provider encounters.

“The ECG market is one of the more fascinating we have explored recently. The market is somewhat similar to the Phase I and imaging markets in that it is a highly outsourced activity and you have fit-for-purpose specialized providers competing alongside large, multi-service CROs offering a similar service.” explained Andrew Schafer, President of Industry Standard Research.

The report addresses service provider performance and selection criteria which allow pharmaceutical companies an independent look into many of the top service providers in the industry and it gives service providers a competitive assessment of their strengths and weaknesses.

“The pharmaceutical decision-makers we spoke to indicated they don’t usually use the same service provider on a study for both ECG services and clinical operations and they prefer to use a specialized ECG provider. However, in aggregate, respondents rated the performance of the multi-service CROs on par with the specialized ECG providers.”

Each service provider has its own strengths and weaknesses and there is room for differentiation.

“By taking a comprehensive look at the overall industry growth rate, the propensity to outsource, service provider usage and preference, and the performance of 15 leading ECG providers we are able to provide readers novel insights into the ECG market that they can use to make better outsourcing decisions, improve trial performance, and better position companies for success.”

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