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ISR’s Liver Cancer Market Report Shows Opportunity for Innovative Sponsors

By June 6, 2013December 20th, 2021No Comments

Informing the drug development and commercialization industry

Cary, N.C. – June 6, 2013 – Industry Standard Research (ISR) today announced the release of a new market research report titled “Liver Cancer: Disease and Pipeline Analysis,” providing the pharmaceutical industry with a therapeutic assessment, pipeline analysis, and unique insight into the current clinical trial environment for the hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) market.

“HCC is the fifth most common cancer diagnosed globally in men, is the third most common cause of cancer death, and because only one systemic therapy is available, remains a highly underserved disease,” explained Andrew Schafer, President of ISR. “With high incidence and morbidity rates and a lack of available effective therapies, significant commercial opportunity exists for this orphan drug class.”

To support this opportunity, ISR’s newest report provides a thorough disease overview, discusses major and emerging markets, and compiles an analysis of ongoing and recently completed HCC trials registered on to shed light on trial activity (reported in aggregate and by industry sponsors).

“With this report, sponsors can learn how products in the pipeline could compete in this market, identify strategic development opportunities, plan global clinical trial and market access strategies, and assess the competition with a full analysis of companies participating in this market,” Schafer explained.

Additionally, ISR’s report provides a thorough analysis of 10 products currently in early and late phase development that could result in promising new therapies.

“Signal transduction pathways involved in tumor cell proliferation, resistance to apoptosis, stimulation of angiogenesis, invasiveness, and metastasis have been implicated in HCC and, therefore, are interesting targets for new therapies,” Schafer explained.

ISR has also published a free infographic on the liver disease market which quantifies the disease’s impact, discusses available therapies and the high unmet need, as well as an overview of the current HCC pipelines. The free infographic is available on ISR’s website at

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