Informing the pharmaceutical drug development, manufacturing and commercialization industry. CARY, NC – May 31, 2017 – Industry Standard Research (ISR) has released a new report, CRO Quality Benchmarking – Phase IV Service Providers (9th Edition), containing findings focused on service provider selection and evaluation. Kevin Olson, CEO, explains, “Each Phase IV clinical outsourcing need is unique. Some projects must prioritize speedy completion while others call for skillful patient recruitment or detailed knowledge of local regulatory requirements. This research provides readers with the information to select a CRO that has performed well in the needed capacities.” ISR surveyed 218 decision-makers at sponsor organizations to gather a comprehensive view of the Phase IV service provider landscape. Respondents assess the importance of 26 selection drivers (detailed below) to paint a picture of what is most important in their service provider selection process. Then, respondents evaluate service provider performance along the same dimensions. Using the selection driver data and performance ratings in tandem provides an opportunity for readers to gain a deep understanding of the Phase IV outsourcing process and its players. “Survey respondents who have worked with a CRO within the past 18 months are asked to assess how well the CRO performed across these 26 critical dimensions. This provides a gauge for readers to understand the strengths and weaknesses of providers they may be considering for a project,” states Olson. “For Phase IV services, INC Research and PPD stand out for their performance across attributes in Organization Factors and Timelines Management.” High performers in Budget Factors, Staff Characteristics, and Delivery Factors categories are available in the full report. In addition to service provider selection drivers and performance ratings, this report offers insights into the use of preferred providers, cost perceptions/experience, and loyalty metrics, among other areas. For more information on ISR’s CRO Quality Benchmarking – Phase IV Service Providers (9th Edition) report, please visit ISR’s report page. About Industry Standard Research Industry Standard Research is the premier, full service market research provider to the pharma and pharma services industries. With over a decade of experience, ISR delivers an unmatched level of domain expertise. For more information about ISR’s off-the-shelf intelligence and custom research offerings, please visit the company’s Web site at, email, or follow ISR on Twitter @ISRreports.