The 10th Edition of ISR’s Phase II/III CRO Benchmarking has arrived

Informing pharmaceutical drug developers, manufacturers, and service providers.

Raleigh, N.C. – May 17, 2018 – Industry Standard Research (ISR) has released a new report, the 10th edition of its CRO Quality Benchmarking – Phase II/III Service Providers series. ISR surveyed 301 decision-makers at sponsor organizations to gather their insights on topics such as service provider brand perceptions and use, selection drivers, and performance evaluation.  This year, Accenture and Medpace stood out for their performance against customer expectations in the Delivery Factors category. Recent customers rated these two providers highly relative to competition on attributes such as Operational excellence, Easy to work with, and Meeting overall project timelines.

This report offers detailed performance ratings for 41 providers on 21 attributes and services across four categories: Budget Factors, the aforementioned Delivery Factors, Staff Characteristics, and Services. High performers relative to expectations in Budget Factors, Staff Characteristics, and Services categories are available in the full report. Respondents also rate providers on several metrics related to customer loyalty and share, in their own words, reasons for their level of satisfaction with recently used providers.

New this year, ISR has introduced a Brand Index and a Performance Index to assist both sponsors and CROs in understanding how providers are positioned relative to each other.
  • Brand Index – Primarily intended for use by service marketers, the Brand Index reflects the strength of company’s brand across three measures of pure perception: Awareness, Familiarity, and Leadership.
  • Performance Index – This index reflects the entirety of a company’s performance scores—from all users, across all attributes and services—relative to its customers’ expectations. Sponsors evaluating CROs can use this metric to assess how performance against customer expectations varies between CROs in their consideration set. Service providers can understand how their organization fares relative to the competition.
Kevin Olson, CEO, explains, “Proper and efficient execution is critical in Phase II/III trials. Picking the right partner is instrumental in getting the job done right. These indices enable readers to form a quick mental snapshot of how the industry perceives CRO brands and how the providers have performed for their recent customers.”

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