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Strategic planning and crisis management for pharmaceutical companies

Ask yourself this:
  • What if your two biggest competitors just announced they merged?
  • What if the technology provider you rely on exclusively to run your business suddenly gets purchased by your competitor?
  • What happens if stem-cell research becomes wildly successful or if adaptive clinical trials become the norm?
It is often difficult for people responsible for day-to-day operations to step back and think about strategic direction. ISR has developed and implemented “war games” to assist in the development of competitive strategy, new service development, and strategic direction. We use the “burning platform” technique to rally management around a single focus and the results are nothing short of exceptional.

Why ISR’s War Games Succeed

ISR-run war games are successful for several reasons:
  • Creativity: getting management excited about strategy planning often takes unique practices
  • Attention to process: a successful war game takes both up-front and back-end planning
  • Industry knowledge: when moderating a war game, there is no substitute for domain expertise
  • Research skills: we develop the background documentation that quickly gets management up-to-speed on a topic/ competitor
To learn more about ISR’s Strategy War Games services and begin developing a scenario for your team, contact us at info@ISRreports.com.