Business intelligence research that drives growth.

Growth. Talk with any Wall Street analyst, CFO, CEO, or anyone who owns a P&L and it won’t be long before you hear the word “growth.” But, growth isn’t easy. Growth takes an idea, it takes an investment, it takes leadership, it takes execution, and it means taking risks.

In developing a new product and service offering, market research can help on many different levels: pricing and business models, attribute importance, brand perception, needs assessment, customer segmentation – just to name a few. But when you boil them all down, the goal of market research in new product and service development should be to reduce the risk associated with the launch.

ISR understand this. We are experts at identifying the potential risks and developing approaches to gather and analyze data so you can make more confident business decisions.


ISR’s new product and service development capabilities are backed by:

  • Experience: Pharmaceutical industry + Market research
  • Innovative designs: Each unique offering deserves a unique approach
  • Business acumen: We design programs that enable you to make a business decision

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