Feasibility estimates don’t have to be a historic average and you don’t have to guess whether your study’s inclusion/exclusion, con meds, or patient visit schedule will help or hinder patient recruitment.

ISR’s Investigator Forum is a non-real time, web-based focus group that occurs over 2-3 days and brings together 10-30 Investigators to answer questions, give opinions, and interact with peers on topics related to protocol development, patient recruitment, and feasibility.

Download ISR’s Investigator Forum Case Study: Pancreatic Cancer Feasibility Planning and Patient Recruitment

Learn From “On-the-Ground” PIs:

  • Inclusion/exclusion criteria: Are they appropriate, complete?
  • Competing studies: Which ones will cause recruiting issues?
  • Standard of care: What are the implications in their facility/geography?
  • Informed consent: Is it appropriate, how will patients react?
  • Endpoints: Are they appropriate, what are other alternatives?
  • Visit schedule: How will patients react, is it burdensome for the site?

Utilize Smart, Digital Technologies

ISR utilizes digital focus group technology that allows Principal Investigators to comment on and make suggestions to study protocols. Benefits of this web-based, non-real time application include:

  • Convenience: PIs can respond when it is convenient for them
  • Geographic reach: Accommodates PIs from different locations
  • Peer-based forum: PIs can view other responses and comment on them
  • Probing: Moderators can ask follow-up questions
  • Speed: Responses can be analyzed quickly
  • Transparency: Observers from your company can watch the group in real-time
  • Cost effective: No travel costs

Download ISR’s Investigator Forum Service Description as a PDF.

To learn more about how ISR’s Investigator Forum service could add efficiencies to your companies process, contact us at info@ISRreports.com.