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CRO and pharmaceutical business intelligence.

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Electronic media has ushered in an era of speed and transparency in the business world. Access to information is no longer the major barrier to competitive intelligence. The challenge is to gather relevant information, intelligently analyze it, and develop actionable strategies.

ISR utilizes both off-the-shelf frameworks (SWOT, Four Corners, PEST, Five Forces, Value chain, early warning systems) and customized analytical approaches to get the information you need and to present it in a format that is easily digestible and actionable.

Competitive intelligence: Keep up-to-date on what your competitors are doing and develop strategies to exploit your advantage or plug the gaps in your offerings.

Company intelligence: Understand your customers’ environment and strategies. Only then can you develop solutions that enable them to succeed.

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Whether you’re considering at a competitive analysis to strengthen or defend your position or you’re looking for information to improve access to particular customers, ISR can help.

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