Cary, N.C. – March 17, 2010 – Industry Standard Research (ISR Reports) today announced the launch of a new and substantial research report titled Late Phase Market Overview and Outlook. This report presents data and analysis from 149 interviews with decision makers from 95 unique pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies around the world. “While the large, multi-service brands often dominate awareness in our research, it’s not uncommon for smaller, more specialized companies to receive higher marks for service quality and that’s what we’ve found in the Late Phase market”, explained Kevin Olson, President, ISR Reports. Olson went on to state: “UBC received high marks for service quality, with about 50% of their customers indicating that UBC exceeds their expectations. As much of our research has shown, differentiation is very difficult to come by for drug development service providers but, operationally speaking, UBC appears to be demonstrating excellent service quality on attributes sponsors find important.” Also detailed in the report are sponsors’ Late Phase study conduct and outsourcing volumes, selection criteria for service providers, adoption rates for ePRO and EHR technologies, and a decision-making model that clarifies who makes which decisions within sponsor companies. Sponsors will learn which CROs best match their needs and gain insight regarding where their competitors are focusing efforts by study type and geographical location. Kevin Olson, President ISR Reports, further explains: “Our customers are beginning to understand that our reports offer a level of rigor and analysis that isn’t available elsewhere. It was important for us to bring that same quality to the Late Phase Market Dynamics report. The Late Phase market has always been a difficult one for the industry to quantify because of its varied definitions, many stakeholders, and complex decision-making units. We believe this report is a significant addition to the body of Late Phase industry knowledge and begins to provide a common language for stakeholder understanding.” About Industry Standard Research Industry Standard Research is the premier, full service market research provider to the pharma and pharma services industries. With over a decade of experience in the industry, ISR Reports delivers an unmatched level of domain expertise. For more information about our syndicated and custom research offerings, please visit the company’s Web site at or email