Preclinical CRO Quality Benchmarking (2nd Edition)


It seems the world of preclinical development is heating up. When you take a step back and look at what has transpired in this industry since our last Preclinical Quality Benchmarking report in early 2015 it paints a picture of strength. Mergers and acquisitions are rapidly on the rise in the preclinical sphere, and company sales and stock prices are exhibiting similar trends. This report is a guide to ensure that key questions are answered as both CROs and sponsors navigate this quickly expanding market. For this report, ISR surveyed 118 respondents from North America and Europe via a 30-minute, web-based quantitative survey. ISR collected 510 service encounters, making this report the largest collection of preclinical service provider evaluations available. 14 providers have received detailed service quality profiles.

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Study Sponsors:

  • Make a more informed purchase of preclinical services by understanding which service providers best fit your company’s needs
  • Broaden your preclinical CRO evaluation list by accessing peer-based service quality ratings across critical attributes
  • Pinpoint potential delivery concerns early in a CRO relationship/ evaluation in order to develop proactive strategies to address potential gaps

Preclinical Service Providers:

  • Uncover your own — and competitor — delivery strengths and weaknesses
  • Design messaging to tout your company’s strengths
  • Compete more effectively by understanding buyers’ selection criteria and outsourcing trends
  1. Service Provider Perceptions and Interactions
  2. Service Provider Selection Drivers
  3. Service Provider Performance and Loyalty
  4. Company Service Quality Profiles
  5. Study Data

ISR understands that you’re looking for confidence in your market research. With ISR, you’ll consistently receive

  • Focused Domain Expertise — We’ve operated in pharmaceuticals for over 15 years and because it’s our sole focus, our domain expertise brings value to the work that “generalist” researchers can’t deliver.
  • Genuine Research Expertise — Our market research experience has developed over 20 years in many dynamic industries.  We capture appropriate sample sizes, given the research objectives, and we use appropriately sophisticated statistics to uncover everything that’s real and to give you confidence in your decisions. Read our Six Questions to Ask About Your Market Research to learn more about why our industry expertise sets us apart.
  • Transparency — If you’re like many, you’ve been disappointed more than once by research providers who fail to live up to their promises, providing you with their “professional judgment” in place of sound data; and suspect contacts instead of real decision-makers. We deliver the beliefs, attitudes, and intentions of people who matter – and we’ll prove it by showing you the titles of your respondents.

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Service Provider Perceptions and Interactions

Preclinical Leaders
Proposal Volume
Service Provider Usage
Service Provider Preference
Service Provider Preference after User Experience
Service Provider Cost Perceptions
Summary Table

Service Provider Selection Drivers

Most Important Service Provider Attributes
Service Provider Attributes Gaining Importance

Service Provider Performance and Loyalty

Figure 1- Staff Characteristics Rating
Figure 2- Operational Excellence Ratings
Figure 3- Organizational & Finance Ratings
Performance Summary by Category
Service Provider Loyalty

Company Service Quality Profiles

Study Data

Preclinical Leaders, Unprompted
Other Responses
Preclinical Leaders, Prompted
Service Provider Familiarity
In-house vs. Outsourced Activities
Future In-house vs. Outsourced Activities
Use of Preferred Providers
Number of Preferred Providers
Future Number of Preferred Providers
Percentage of Preclinical Services Outsourced to Preferred Providers
Future Percentage of Preclinical Services Outsourced to Preferred Providers
Proposal Volume
Future Proposal Volume
Demand for Preclinical Services
Demand for Outsourcing Preclinical Services
Service Provider Attributes
Service Provider Attributes Gaining Importance
Service Provider Usage

Service Provider Drill-downs

Absorption Systems
Aptiv Solutions
Avanza Laboratories LLC
Calvert Laboratories
CeeTox Inc.
Charles River Laboratories/WIL Research
CiToxLab France
Envigo (Harlan and Huntingdon Life Sciences)
Frontage Laboratories Inc.
Integrated Laboratory Systems, Inc.
ITR Laboratories Canada
Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute
MD Biosciences Inc.
MPI Research
Ricerca Biosciences
Seventh Wave Laboratories LLC
Sinclair Research Center
Southern Research
SRI International, Biosciences Division
The Jackson Laboratory
Wuxi AppTec (including XenoBiotic Laboratories)
Xenometrics LLC
XenoTech LLC
Service Provider Differentiation
Service Provider Preference
Service Provider Cost Perceptions
Performance Across Service Providers


Company Type
Engagement in Pharmaceutical Development
Decision-making Responsibility
Clinical Trial Involvement by Phase
Outsourced vs. In-house Involvement
Job Level
Involvement in Clinical Development
Headquarters Location
Office Location
Years of Industry Experience

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