Pharmaceutical Excipient Market Overview and Outlook


Inactive ingredients in drugs are gaining importance; excipients can improve process yield and decrease production risks, and offer competitive advantages over similar (or competing generic) medications with technologies like extended release or rapid release of the active pharmaceutical ingredient. The Pharmaceutical Excipient Market Overview and Outlook report offers readers the opportunity to gain insight into the biopharmaceutical excipient market and where it’s heading. Remaining aware of market dynamics and expected changes will enable readers to better make key decisions regarding excipient use and to help identify where competitive advantages may be gained.

Pharmaceutical Excipient Market Overview and Outlook


  • Learn more about how current trends are impacting drug developers’ use of excipients to gain competitive advantages with their drug products
  • Gather information on peers’ annual excipient expenditures, the proportion spent on proprietary excipients and a breakdown of expenditure by category (small molecule, generic, and biologic) and formulation (oral dose, sterile injectable, semi-solids and liquids, and specialty dosage forms)
  • Gain insight into excipient supplier selection criteria as well as the supplier characteristics that drive satisfaction


  • Understand how excipient usage trends will impact buying behavior
  • Gain insight into market growth factors and changes in demand for different categories of excipients
  • Learn which categories of excipients, and for which formulations drug developers are most likely to purchase proprietary excipients
  • Identify ways to better position your company to capture new business by understanding excipient supplier selection criteria and the decision-makers in choosing a provider
  • Market Dynamics
  • Service Provider Selection, Perceptions and Loyalty
  • Study Data

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