mHealth in Clinical Trials Market Outlook: 2018-2020


Technology, especially smartphones, has transformed our daily lives. Over the past decade, ‘touch of a button’ access has disrupted many different industries from retail (e.g., Amazon) to transportation (e.g., Uber and Lyft). Today, technology has the potential to transform the way biopharma conducts clinical trials and perhaps, to disrupt the clinical development of medicines altogether.

For this study, Industry Standard Research (ISR) collected both qualitative and quantitative data. Qualitative telephone interviews were used to gain insight into mHealth expert viewpoints, while a quantitative, internet-based survey was used to collect hard data on familiarity with mHealth, anticipated implementation, and usage rates in recent or soon-to-be conducted clinical trials.

mHealth in Clinical Trials

What you will learn:

  • mHealth usage rates and adoption plans
  • Whether mHealth technologies contribute to cost savings in clinical trials
  • Road blocks to mHealth use in clinical development
  • In which therapeutic areas and phases of development mHealth technologies are used most often
  • Anticipated changes in mHealth use over the next 2 years

How to use:

  • Gather information on industry practices and usage patterns to make informed decisions about implementing mHealth technologies in clinical research
  • Discover cost-saving opportunities facilitated by the use of mHealth technologies
  • Learn about current operational realities and barriers to the implementation of mHealth
  • mHealth Market Dynamics
  • mHealth Implementation
  • How mHealth Impacts Costs
  • mHealth Operational Realities
  • Barriers to mHealth Utilization in Clinical Development

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mHealth in Clinical Trials

Study Overview

Research Objectives
Qualitative Methodology
Quantitative Methodology

Demographics—Quantitative Respondents

Company Type
Company Size
Company Size by Type

Study Findings

mHealth Market Dynamics

mHealth Defined
Examples and Uses of mHealth in Clinical Trials
Frequency of mHealth Technology Use among Respondents
mHealth Usage Rates in Clinical Trials: Current and Future
Drivers for mHealth Initiatives
mHealth Sophistication Levels
Types of mHealth Technologies Used
Expert Commentary on ePRO mHealth Technology
mHealth Key Decision Makers

mHealth Implementation

mHealth Use by Therapeutic Area
Expert Commentary on Therapeutic Area Potential
mHealth Use by Phase: Past and Future
mHealth Use by Phase: Past and Future by Company Type

How mHealth Impacts Costs

Clinical Trial Budgets
mHealth Use and Cost Savings
Estimated Cost Savings among mHealth Users
Areas for Cost Savings via Use of mHealth Tech
Expert Commentary on How mHealth Impacts Costs

mHealth Operational Realities

mHealth Staffing: Present and Future
mHealth Tech Case Study Successes

Barriers to mHealth Utilization in Clinical Development

Technical Requirements
Security and Privacy Concerns
mHealth Tech Roadblocks to Implementation

mHealth Summary

Additional information


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