Marketing Channels: Clinical Development (5th Edition)


ISR’s Marketing Channels: Clinical Development (5th Edition) report highlights how biopharmaceutical decision-makers from various disciplines and geographies prefer to receive industry information, and which media outlets they use to obtain this information.

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Improve Advertising Efficiency:

  • Reach your biopharmaceutical customers by understanding their information-seeking patterns and distributing your messages through the most effective channels and outlets.

Optimize Strategic Messaging:

  • Segment your customer communications (geographically and organizationally) to ensure delivery of an optimized message.
  • Executive Summary
  • Learning Methods
  • Conference Attendance
  • Website Visitation
  • Email Newsletter and Newsfeed Readership
  • Print Publication Readership
  • Social Media
  • Respondent Demographics

ISR understands that you’re looking for confidence in your market research. With ISR, you’ll consistently receive

  • Focused Domain Expertise — We’ve operated in pharmaceuticals for over 15 years and because it’s our sole focus, our domain expertise brings value to the work that “generalist” researchers can’t deliver.
  • Genuine Research Expertise — Our market research experience has developed over 20 years in many dynamic industries.  We capture appropriate sample sizes, given the research objectives, and we use appropriately sophisticated statistics to uncover everything that’s real and to give you confidence in your decisions. Read our Six Questions to Ask About Your Market Research to learn more about why our industry expertise sets us apart.
  • Transparency — If you’re like many, you’ve been disappointed more than once by research providers who fail to live up to their promises, providing you with their “professional judgment” in place of sound data; and suspect contacts instead of real decision-makers. We deliver the beliefs, attitudes, and intentions of people who matter – and we’ll prove it by showing you the titles of your respondents.

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Executive Summary

Primary Takeaways
2016 Activity Rankings
2015 Activity Rankings
2014 Activity Rankings

Learning Methods

Methods of Learning about Innovation
Value of Information Channels
Preferred Ways of Learning: Summary

Conference Attendance

List of Conferences
Conference Attendance: Top 10 Year-By-Year
Conference Attendance: All Conferences
Conference Attendance: By Company Size
Conference Attendance: By Geography
Conference Attendance: By Primary Responsibility
Conference Attendance: Summary

Website Visitation

List of Websites Provided to Respondents
Website Visitation: Top 10 Year-by-Year
Website Visitation: All Web Sites
Website Visitation: By Company Size
Website Visitation: By Geography
Website Visitation: By Primary Responsibility
Website Visitation: Summary

Email Newsletter and Newsfeed Readership

List of Newsletters Provided to Respondents
Email Newsletters: Top 10 Year-By-Year
Email Newsletters: All Email Newsletters
Email Newsletters: By Company Size
Email Newsletters: By Geography
Email Newsletters: By Primary Responsibility
Email Newsletter and Newsfeed Readership: Summary

Print Publication Readership

List of Publications Provided to Respondents
Print Publications: Top 10 Year-By-Year
Print Publications: All Publications
Print Publications: By Company Size
Print Publications: By Geography
Print Publications: By Primary Responsibility
Print Publication Readership: Summary

Social Media

Social Media Membership: Year-by-Year
Social Media Professional Use: Comparison across Sites
Social Media Professional Use: Summary

Respondent Demographics

Involvement in Drug Development
Respondent Roles and Responsibilities
Respondent Geography
Respondent Company Size
Respondent Therapeutic Areas
Respondent Job Level

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