EDC Benchmarking & Market Dynamics (4th Ed.)


EDC systems allow a variety of users – clinical monitors, data managers, biostatisticians, study coordinators, investigators, patients – to input, review, and even present the data obtained throughout the course of a clinical trial. While essential if not the workhorse of data collection, EDC systems can be challenging in a variety of ways especially as clinical trials evolve in complexity. The quest for speed and flexibility collides with ease of use and intuitive design. Even so, the intended benefits of ensuring high-quality data, saving money, and reducing trial delays must outweigh the challenges given its broad preference.
This report provides a look at the EDC market environment, provider selection practices, provider use and preferences, and individual provider performance, based on input from 132 respondents familiar with these systems. Benchmark data for 18 EDC systems spotlight 20 EDC product attributes based on 238 provider encounters. In addition, a number of informative breakouts by R&D spend are provided throughout.

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Sponsors and CROs:

  • Past, present, and future penetration of EDC technologies and the decline of paper solutions
  • Which providers are preferred overall and by R&D segments; which providers are top performers
  • Performance evaluations for 18 EDC systems, letting you determine which providers may fit your needs best

Technology Providers:

  • Where your company and the competition lie in terms of provider awareness, familiarity, and use
  • How market awareness, user adoption, and potential for repeat business paint the current EDC landscape
  • The product attributes driving provider selection and how they differ by sponsor size
  • How your company’s performance stacks up against the competition
  • Market Environment
  • Provider Selection
  • Provider Use & Preference
  • Service Provider Performance
  • Demographics

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Market Environment

Primary Section Takeaways
Preference for EDC vs. Paper CRF
Use of Data Collection Tools by Phase – Past & Projected
Number of EDC Systems – Current & Projected
Preferred EDC Providers – Current & Projected
Use of Sensors and/or Wearables – Past & Projected
Improvements to EDC Systems
Improvements to EDC Systems – Respondent Commentary
Solutions to Reduce the Time Needed to Conduct a Trial

Provider Selection

Primary Section Takeaways
Impact of EDC Product Attributes
Provider Selection Attributes – Development-Stage Products
Development-Stage Selection Attributes by R&D Spend
Provider Selection Attributes – Late-Stage Products
Late-Stage Selection Attributes by R&D Spend
Departmental Influence on EDC Provider Selection
Departmental Influence by R&D Spend
Sponsor Influence on EDC Provider Selection
Contract Directly with EDC Provider versus CRO Involvement

Provider Use & Preference

Primary Section Takeaways
EDC Service Provider Use and Familiarity
EDC Software Use on Trials
EDC System – Most Used
EDC Provider Preference – Phase I and II Trials
Phase I/II Trial Preference by R&D Spend
EDC Provider Preference – Phase IIb and III Trials
Phase IIb/III Trial Preference by R&D Spend
EDC Provider Preference – Phase IV, Post-marketing Trials
Phase IV Trial Preference by R&D Spend

Service Provider Performance

Primary Section Takeaways
Top EDC Performers
Overall Satisfaction with Product
Axiom Real-Time Metrics
BioClinica/Express EDC
Clinical Ink
Clinipace (Tempo)
IBM Merge Healthcare
Medidata Rave EDC
MedNet Solutions
OmniComm (TrialMaster)
Oracle/Phase Forward (InForm)
Parexel Informatics (Datalabs)
Xclinical (Marvin)

Respondent Demographics

Company Type
R&D Spend
Respondent Location
Clinical Trial Involvement
Therapeutic Areas of Responsibility
Familiarity with EDC Products

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