Central Lab Market Dynamics and Outsourcing Performance (2016-2019)


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The latest edition of ISR’s Central Lab Market Dynamics and Outsourcing Performance report evaluates a wide variety of central lab service providers and key performance measures.  As in the past, analyses of market dynamics and industry trends are also critical parts of this report.

New to this edition, we have included an examination of translational labs, which support translational research methodologies.  Translational labs are designed to turn fundamental research into medical and nursing practice and meaningful health outcomes.

This report will help both study sponsors and providers answer a number of questions relevant to selecting and evaluating central lab service providers.

For study sponsors:

  • Understand the service areas expected to grow in demand and the geographic trends associated with central lab service provider use to ensure you are up-to-date with how your industry peers are outsourcing their central lab work.
  • Know the criteria used by peers to select central lab providers to help strategically and scientifically evaluate central lab bids for your business.
  • Assess performance data provided in this report to select a provider that excels in areas important to you and/or determine how your current provider is performing relative to their competition.

For central lab service providers:

  • Determine the attributes and metrics critical to study sponsors in their selection of service providers to:
  • Internally assess your lab’s capabilities in these areas and
  • Evaluate whether your lab is marketing its abilities in the areas deemed important by sponsors.
  • Gain knowledge of customers’ views of your performance and that of your competitors to be able to sufficiently tout your strengths and improve on perceived weaknesses.
  1. Market Dynamics and Outsourcing Environment
  2. Regional Trends
  3. Central Lab Service Provider Metrics and Selection
  4. Service Provider Loyalty and Quality Profiles
  5. Study Data – a comprehensive look at the responses to every question asked of participants
  • Data for this study were collected in Q1, 2016.
  • 114 industry professionals participated in this 20-minute, web-based quantitative survey.
  • To qualify to take this survey, respondents had to pass several screening criteria:
    • Work in a pharmaceutical or biotech company
    • Have decision-making responsibility in any one of the following:
      • Clinical ops- Project management, Clinical trial lead/manager
      • Executive Management
      • Labs (Central)
      • Labs (Translational)
      • Medical
      • Outsourcing/Purchasing Management
      • R&D Management
  • To qualify to evaluate central labs, a respondent must have responsibility for managing an in-house central lab or selecting or managing a central lab vendor (n=114)
  • To qualify to evaluate translational labs, a respondent must have responsibility for managing an in-house translational lab or selecting or managing a translational lab vendor (n=87)

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