Bioprocessing Market Outlook (3rd Ed.)


Biologics have transformed the practice of medicine in a relatively short period of time because of their ability to treat complex diseases, various cancers and autoimmune disorders with fewer side effects than traditional small molecule medications. As a result, respondents predict significant biologics market growth in a variety of therapeutic categories.

ISR’s Bioprocessing Market Trends and Outsourcing Dynamics: 2020-2025 (3rd Edition) provides an overview of the current market dynamics for bioprocessing as well as a prediction of what the marketplace will look like in five years. Key statistics include annual project volume, proportion outsourced, and number of CMOs to complete the work; use rates of the main production systems, the proportion of marketed biologics based off each development platform, which platforms are more likely to be outsourced, and a breakdown of annual outsourced expenditure by platform. The report also offers insight into the CMO selection process, decision-making group, manufacturer selection criteria, and what drives sponsor satisfaction on outsourced bioprocessing projects. Contract manufacturers will get a view of the competitive landscape via sponsor awareness, consideration, use and preference rates for the 40 included CMOs.

Report Preview 2020 Bioprocessing Market Trends and Outsourcing Dynamics

Drug Developers:

  • Gain insight into where the biologics industry is heading over the next five years with respect to protein expression systems utilized and types of biologics in development
  • Understand the CMO usage patterns of industry peers to identify whether additional outsourcing advantages can be obtained for your organization
  • Learn the criteria used by peers to help scientifically and strategically evaluate CMOs for bioprocessing projects


  • Pinpoint which CMO attributes have led to successful outsourcing relationships, those that have caused service providers to lose bids and what truly drives sponsor satisfaction, then internally assess your company on these metrics
  • Identify changes in demand for outsourced activities and services in order to prepare for future needs
  • Better position your company to win business by understanding the dynamics of different buyer groups and developing targeted marketing to speak directly to their unique needs
  • Market Dynamics
  • Service Provider Selection and Perceptions
  • Trends, Predictions and Preferences
  • Study Data

ISR understands that you’re looking for confidence in your market research. With ISR, you’ll consistently receive

  • Focused Domain Expertise — We’ve operated in pharmaceuticals for over 15 years and because it’s our sole focus, our domain expertise brings value to the work that “generalist” researchers can’t deliver.
  • Genuine Research Expertise — Our market research experience has developed over 20 years in many dynamic industries.  We capture appropriate sample sizes, given the research objectives, and we use appropriately sophisticated statistics to uncover everything that’s real and to give you confidence in your decisions. Read our Six Questions to Ask About Your Market Research to learn more about why our industry expertise sets us apart.
  • Transparency — If you’re like many, you’ve been disappointed more than once by research providers who fail to live up to their promises, providing you with their “professional judgment” in place of sound data; and suspect contacts instead of real decision-makers. We deliver the beliefs, attitudes, and intentions of people who matter – and we’ll prove it by showing you the titles of your respondents.

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For CDMO Project Managers

Market Dynamics

Primary Section Takeaways
Biologic Assets
Biologics by Type
Biologics by Therapeutic Area
Outsourcing Drivers
Bioprocessing Project & CMO Volume
Bioprocessing Project & CMO Volume in 2025
Production Systems in Use

Service Provider Selection and Perceptions

Primary Section Takeaways
Use of Consultants
Department Influence on CMO Selection
Top 5 CMO Selection Attributes
CMO Satisfaction Drivers
Top 5 Reasons CMOs Lose Bids
Preferred Provider Use
CMO Familiarity
CMO Leadership, Proposal Volume, Use, and Preference
Top Reasons for Service Provider Preference

Trends, Predictions and Preferences

Primary Section Takeaways
Biologics Market Growth Drivers
Reactor Technology Influence on CMO Selection
Reactor Preference
In-house vs Outsourced Bioprocessing by Region
Top Five Reasons for Bioprocessing in China
Greatest Challenges When Outsourcing Bioprocessing

Study Data

Biologic Assets
Use of Consultants
Bioprocessing Project Volume
Motivations for Outsourcing Bioprocessing
Outsourced Bioprocessing Current and 5 Years Out
In-house Bioprocessing by Geographic Location
Outsourced Bioprocessing by Geographic Location
Bioprocessing in China
Biologics in Development by Type
Biologics in Development by Therapeutic Area
Production Methods for Biologics in Development
Biologics Pipeline by Production Platform
In-house vs Outsourced Development Work
Likelihood of Outsourcing Biologics in Developmentby Type
Marketed Biologics by Type
Marketed Biologics by Therapeutic Area
Production Methods for Marketed Biologics
Marketed Products by Production Platform
In-house vs Outsourced Commercial Manufacturing
Likelihood of Outsourcing Marketed Biologics by Type
Marketed Biologics in 2025 by Type
Marketed Biologics in 2025 by Therapeutic Area
Production Methods Utilized in 2025
Biologics Portfolio in 2025 by Production Platform
In-house vs Outsourced Manufacturing in 2025
Department Influence on CMO Selection
CMO Selection Attributes
Service Provider Satisfaction Drivers
Reasons Service Providers Lose Bids
Number of CMOs Used to Meet Bioprocessing Needs
Use of Preferred Providers
Number of Preferred Providers
Difficulty in Using a Non-Preferred Provider
Frequency of Modifying the Preferred Provider List
Service Provider Familiarity
Bioprocessing Leaders
Service Provider Consideration
Service Provider Use
Service Provider Preference
Top Reasons Expressed for Service Provider Preference—Unprompted
Verbatim Responses for Service Provider Preference
Annual Outsourced Bioprocessing Spend
Estimated Annual Outsourced Bioprocessing Spend in 2025
Outsourced Expenditure by Production Platform
Reactor Technology Influence on CMO Selection
Reactor Preference
Biologics Market Growth Drivers


Company Type
Headquarters Location
Office Location
Decision-making Responsibility
Outsourcing Involvement
Contract Manufacturer Involvement

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