Biologic API CDMO Benchmarking (6th Ed.)


ISR’s Biologic API Contract Manufacturing Quality Benchmarking (6th Edition) report brings with it a wealth of knowledge and information created with two goals in mind, help biopharmaceutical companies make more informed CMO decisions, and help CMOs optimize operational and marketing strategies.

This report provides pharmaceutical companies and contract manufacturers a comprehensive analysis of current outsourcing trends and practices, in addition to a quantitative analysis of CMO service quality across a series of 22 performance attributes specific to outsourced drug substance manufacturing. In this Consumer Reports-style analysis, ISR presents data on 287 service encounters from 112 respondents who have been involved in outsourced biologic API projects in the past 18 months.


Drug developers:

  • Uncover which CMO attributes drive outsourcing partner selection for outsourced bioprocessing as well as which CMO attributes have gained importance over the past 12 months among industry peers
  • Gain insight into CMO customer loyalty, an index based on customer satisfaction, willingness to recommend, and likelihood to use again, along with verbatim responses from customers regarding their experience
  • Make a more educated purchase of CMO services by understanding which manufacturers best fit your company’s needs in addition to how individual CMOs have measured up to sponsor-peer expectations on similar projects

Contract Manufacturers:

  • Compare your company’s performance against its competitors across 22 performance metrics specific to outsourced bioprocessing
  • Gain insight into drug developers’ outsourcing preferences and practices when it comes to CMO selection and CMO preference for outsourced biologic API manufacturing
  • Understand your company’s competitive positioning as well as delivery strengths and weaknesses and use this information to develop targeted messaging on true areas of strength
  • Outsourcing Philosophies and Practices
  • CMO Selection Drivers
  • CMO Perceptions and Interactions
  • CMO Performance and Loyalty
  • Biologic API CMO Competitive Landscape
  • Company Service Quality Profiles
  • Study Data
  • Demographics

ISR understands that you’re looking for confidence in your market research. With ISR, you’ll consistently receive

  • Focused Domain Expertise — We’ve operated in pharmaceuticals for over 15 years and because it’s our sole focus, our domain expertise brings value to the work that “generalist” researchers can’t deliver.
  • Genuine Research Expertise — Our market research experience has developed over 20 years in many dynamic industries.  We capture appropriate sample sizes, given the research objectives, and we use appropriately sophisticated statistics to uncover everything that’s real and to give you confidence in your decisions. Read our Six Questions to Ask About Your Market Research to learn more about why our industry expertise sets us apart.
  • Transparency — If you’re like many, you’ve been disappointed more than once by research providers who fail to live up to their promises, providing you with their “professional judgment” in place of sound data; and suspect contacts instead of real decision-makers. We deliver the beliefs, attitudes, and intentions of people who matter – and we’ll prove it by showing you the titles of your respondents.

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Outsourcing Philosophies and Practices

Primary Section Takeaways
Outsourced Manufacturing Activities
Outsourcing Drivers
Outsourcing Drivers by Company Size
Preferred Providers
Number of Preferred Providers
Outsourcing Models

CMO Selection Drivers

Primary Section Takeaways
Most Important CMO Attributes
CMO Attributes Gaining Importance
CMO Perceptions and Interactions
Primary Section Takeaways
CMO Familiarity
CMO Leaders—Unprompted
CMO Leaders—Prompted
Received Proposals
CMO Preference
CMO Preference Among Users
CMO Cost Perceptions
Summary Table

CMO Performance and Loyalty

Primary Section Takeaways
A Note on Performance Calculations
Performance Across Service Providers
CMO Performance: Delivery Factors
CMO Performance: Organization Factors
CMO Performance: Capabilities
CMO Performance: Staff Characteristics
CMO Performance: Service Capabilities
CMO Loyalty
CMO Loyalty: 3-Year Rolling Average

Biologic API CMO Competitive Landscape

Company Service Quality Profiles

Study Data

Outsourced Manufacturing Activities
Outsourcing Drivers
Outsourcing Models
Use of Preferred Providers
Number of Preferred Providers
Large Molecule Product Offering
Large vs. Small Molecule Outsourcing
CMO Selection Attributes
CMO Selection Attributes Gaining Importance
CMO Leaders, Unprompted
Other Responses (1%)
CMO Familiarity
CMO Leaders, Prompted
Received Proposals
CMO Preference
CMO Cost Perceptions
CMO Drill-downs

Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services
Avid Bioservices
Boehringer Ingelheim
Cobra Biologics
Cognate Bioscience
Emergent Biosolutions
FujiFilm Diosynth Biotechnologies
GSK Contract Manufacturing
IDT Biologika
Just – Evotec Biologics
KBI Biopharma
Millipore Sigma
Patheon, by Thermo Fisher Scientific
Polpharma Biologics
Samsung BioLogics
Sanofi Active Ingredients, formerly CEPiA Sanofi
Syngene International
Wuxi Biologics

CMO Satisfaction Rating Explanations


Company Type
Headquarters Location
Office Location
Job Title
Decision-making Responsibility
Biologic Drug Substance Outsourcing
Contract Manufacturing Responsibilities
Involvement in Outsourced Manufacturing
Contract Manufacturing Involvement
Years of Industry Experience

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