The overwhelming majority of respondents (85%) at small and emerging biopharma companies do not have preferred provider agreements (PPAs) for Phase 2/3 outsourcing. This is a striking comparison to the wider audience of clinical development outsourcers — 83 percent of large sponsors and 47 percent of midsize sponsors said they have PPAs in place. What does this mean? With only about one-in-10 respondents bound by PPAs, it is a CRO’s market.

These data were pulled from our Phase II/III Benchmarking reports, Phase II/III CRO Benchmarking—Small Pharma Market and Phase II/III CRO Benchmarking (12th Ed.) If your organization is planning a Phase II/III study, or if your organization is a service provider for Phase II/III studies, there’s no better place to see how CROs match up against each other.

Originally published in Life Science Leader.

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