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How Market Research Can Inform CDMO Selection

Choosing to partner with a service provider can be among the most consequential decisions that a company makes. The outsourcing process is especially impactful for the
biopharmaceutical industry, as drug innovators work across the globe to ensure much needed treatments are successfully managed from discovery to commercialization. To do so, they invariably rely on external companies at different parts of the process, such as partnering with contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) to augment or even
completely support their manufacturing needs.

Drug manufacturing is an ever-changing landscape. To catalogue and understand its evolution, Industry Standard Research (ISR) annually conducts CDMO benchmarking research to ask biopharmaceutical sponsors what they look for in a manufacturing partner. This eBook explores some of the key findings of ISR’s primary market research to inform the broader drug development community of the latest trends in sponsor outsourcing behavior.

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