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Focusing in on the twenty common CDMO attributes that serve as both selection drivers and performance metrics in ISR’s annual CDMO Benchmarking research, ISR compared how well contract manufacturers are performing on the criteria that matter the most among sponsors. ISR aggregated and weighted the data from the four surveys to identify the “Most Important” CDMO qualities for a supplier to possess in order to be chosen for an outsourced project. These data are shown in the first column below titled Selection Metric Importance. We also established an industry average for each performance metric by calculating each CDMO’s scores and weighting them in relation to the number of evaluations. The results are shown in the second column titled CDMO Industry Average Performance Score. The data show as a whole, the CDMO industry is doing relatively poorly on the most important selection driver, Reliable on-time delivery, which tops the list in selection priority, yet lands in 16th position with respect to meeting the expectations of outsourcers.

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