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The Status Of mHealth In Clinical Trials: Trial And Error

By May 21, 2019March 9th, 2022No Comments

President of Industry Standard Research Andrew Schafer speaks with Clinical Leader about how larger companies are forging ahead with mHealth implementations, but barriers are still preventing others from investing in mHealth use.

“Trial-and-error” is how I would describe the current use of mHealth in clinical trials. We see pockets of companies that are fully “in” and we see others that are just on the fringes of mHealth use. Only 9 percent of our survey respondents categorized their organization as “highly sophisticated” users of mHealth technologies for clinical trials and 14 percent are at the opposite end of the spectrum, indicating their organization is “just in the early discovery stage.”

Read more at Clinical Leader, and check out our recent report mHealth in Clinical Trials: Current Status/Future Projections to dive into the data discussed in the article.