Adaptive Trials: Market Dynamics and Service Provider Benchmarking


This report offers sponsors, CROs, and specialist adaptive trial companies an in-depth look at the market dynamics, perception, and use of adaptive trials as they are quickly becoming a fundamental piece of the clinical development process. ISR has dedicated a section of this report to provider perceptions and user experiences. This section examines how more than 25 adaptive trial service providers are perceived and perform relative to the expectations of sponsors. These results not only give sponsors an inside look at who is who in the adaptive trial space, but also give CROs and specialist adaptive trial companies an idea of how they stack up against their peers.

  • Current and projected use of adaptive trial designs
  • Relative length and cost of adaptive trials
  • Reasons for conducting adaptive trials and barriers to adoption
  • Therapeutic areas best suited for adaptive trial designs
  • Adaptive trial service provider performance and leaders
  • Identify trends in adaptive trial conduct and outsourcing (i.e. drivers and barriers, outsourcing trial design vs. clinical operations, levels of adoption, etc.)
  • Set realistic goals by understanding adaptive trial timing and costs
  • Service Providers: Benchmark your adaptive trial offering and use these data to inform your sales and marketing efforts surrounding adaptive trials
  • Learn about the future of adaptive trial design and outsourcing
  1. 1. Executive Summary
  2. Use of Adaptive Trial Design
  3. Comparing Adaptive and Non-Adaptive Trials
  4. Perceptions of Adaptive Designs
  5. Implementation of Adaptive Trials
  6. Outsourcing Behaviors and Preferences
  7. Provider Perceptions and User Experiences
  8. Study Data

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