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New Data And Analysis On Biopharma Capacity

By January 10, 2019March 9th, 2022No Comments

Chief Editor Louis Garguilo at Outsourced Pharma speaks with Industry Standard Research VP Kate Hammeke about how the newly released Biologic API Contract Manufacturer Quality Benchmarking (4th Edition) data bear on the concern about bioprocessing capacity shortage.


Among the remaining responders to this question about a concern for bioprocessing capacity at CDMOs, 37% answered “Maybe.” Only 23% replied “Yes.”

I ask Hammeke if she reads this any differently than I do, that is to say there’s little to worry about industrywide when it comes to outsourcing for biologic-drug development and manufacturing.

“No, I read that the same as you – those concerned are definitely in the minority,” she replies. “People at this point are saying that any idea of a ‘capacity crunch’ is not a concern.”

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