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Finding A Glass Slipper Service Provider To Fit Your Phase II/III Outsourcing Needs

By June 16, 2021March 9th, 2022No Comments

How would you outsource your Phase II/III research needs if you were the only person making the decision? Market Research Director at Industry Standard Research Sherry Hubbard-Bednasz discusses how ISR uses that question to gauge service provider quality and performance.

“Such decisions are rarely made by a single individual; however, an aggregate measure of provider preference can be an important piece to understanding the larger puzzle of how these decisions are made. Let’s say a clinical operations director who works at a large pharma company says he prefers to partner with only large CROs for Phase III studies. Conversely, a seasoned project manager who works at a non-large sponsor company says a midsize CRO is her go-to for Phase II trials. In these scenarios, size stands out as a correlating factor. Large favors large, non-large favors non-large. Do we see this pattern among clinical outsourcers?”

Read the full article at Clinical Leader, and check out the latest edition of our Phase II/III CRO Benchmarking to see which CROs those outsourcers would pick if the decision was solely up to them.