Service Provider Quality Benchmarking Reports

ISR has an unmatched level of expertise in the drug development and outsourcing space. This expertise is best reflected in our contract research organization (CRO) and service provider benchmarking reports. Whether you are a sponsor organization needing to find the right CRO or service provider, or you are part of a CRO/service provider and want to evaluate your performance against your competitors and look for areas to improve, we can provide you with highly in-depth benchmarking reports that provide you with the information you need.  

Understanding Benchmarking in a Healthcare and Clinical Setting

Clinical benchmarking tells you two things: 1. ) What are organizations and service providers doing? and 2. ) How (and how well) they are doing it? In the healthcare industry, from hospitals and healthcare organizations to drug development laboratories, benchmarking is key to determining whether the organization is meeting quality standards. There are four key kinds of benchmarking to consider. 

Benchmarking for Internal Audits

For internal audits, key performance indicators are collected, then the KPIs are compared to our annually-conducted benchmarking research, allowing organizations to determine where they are excelling and where there are inefficiencies and challenges to address.

Competitive Benchmarking

In addition to looking at your own metrics against the standard, you can use a benchmarking report to look at how your competitors are comparing to the standard, how you compare to your competitors, and where you have opportunities to stand out from them and improve client satisfaction and retention.

Functional Benchmarking

While this is not a method we use a great deal in our reporting, it can be useful as it’s the method of comparing your organization to those in a different industry. The key to this is having a similar metric or process from an operational standpoint to compare. IT departments are an excellent way to utilize functional benchmarking because often the systems used transcend industrial barriers.

Generic Benchmarking

Generic benchmarks are more abstract and go beyond the data to look at processes and gain new perspectives in processes and operations. Again, this isn’t one we use in our service provider benchmarking reports often, and it’s generally used in hospitals and clinics rather than at a research and development level.

Using Benchmark Reports to Research Service Providers

When an organization is seeking a service provider, using a quality benchmarking report allows them to see prospective providers’ strengths and weaknesses and minimizes the risk of choosing the wrong organization. They can narrow down options and find the right partner for their clinical development programs from an informed perspective. 

Featured Clinical Benchmarking Reports

Why Choose ISR Reports for Your Quality Benchmarking

At ISR, we offer a vast selection of specialized quality benchmarking reports, specifically contract research organization and service provider reporting. If you have questions like “Which provider is best to conduct a given pharmaceutical trial during Phase 1?” or “Which contract manufacturer within small and emerging biopharma is best for outsourcing a small molecule API project?” That’s where we come in with the highly detailed reporting you need to conduct internal audits, competitive research, or find the right service provider for your project. 

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