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A Combination Of Reliability, Quality, Capabilities, And Expertise Add Up To Outsourcing Success

By March 1, 2019March 9th, 2022No Comments

Use outsourcer insights to select a CMO

Vice President of Market Research at Industry Standard Research Kate Hammeke speaks with Life Science Leader about the CMO selection criteria deemed most important by experienced outsourcers.

Similarly, when sponsors are outsourcing small molecule work, there are four common attributes deemed “most important” between drug substance and drug product manufacturing: the two previously mentioned attributes that are shared across all four manufacturing categories and strong regulatory track record and scientific knowledge. Striving for operational excellence in these areas and then communicating these skills to the buying audience will improve CMOs’ likelihood of winning business from small molecule sponsors.

Read more at Life Science Leader, and check out our CMO Quality Benchmarking Suite to dive into the data discussed in the article.