Industry Trends In Clinical Development Technology

Market Research Manager at Industry Standard Research Patrick Olsen examines the current trends and challenges regarding clinical development technology in terms of IRB interaction, eCOA/ePRO activities, and eTMF systems. “Per research trends, it’s clear that electronic applications in the clinical development process are here to stay as the preferred method among sponsors and CROs. Given … Continued

CRO Market Research

In some senses, conducting market research in the CRO industry is no different than research in any other industry. We use most of the same methodologies, including surveys, focus groups, interviews, etc. Many of the analytical approaches apply across industries as well. We run conjoint analyses, MaxDiff, standard descriptive stats, and more. What is different … Continued

Six Questions to Ask About Your Market Research

How do you ensure the research products and services you buy will make you confident in the decisions you make? Here are six reasons why Industry Standard Research ensures you are getting the value you should expect from quality market research. When were the data collected? This should be the first question someone asks you … Continued