Outsourcing Motivations Should Guide One’s Outsourcing Approach

Vice President of Market Research at Industry Standard Research Kate Hammeke explains why outsourcers should focus on the reasons their company is outsourcing before considering selection criteria or specific companies. From Life Science Leader: Let’s say your organization has internal manufacturing capabilities, but not enough available capacity. As a result, your company engages a CMO … Continued

The Status Of mHealth In Clinical Trials: Trial And Error

President of Industry Standard Research Andrew Schafer speaks with Clinical Leader about how larger companies are forging ahead with mHealth implementations, but barriers are still preventing others from investing in mHealth use. “Trial-and-error” is how I would describe the current use of mHealth in clinical trials. We see pockets of companies that are fully “in” … Continued

Influence Of Size In CRO Selection

Vice President of Market Research at Industry Standard Research Rebecca McAvoy discusses whether the company size of a CRO has an impact on its therapeutic expertise, and by extension, an impact on outsourcing selection. CRO selection. Whether you’ve been in the business of clinical trials for two years or 20, this process often remains onerous, … Continued