Is CRO Consolidation Good For Pharma?

Big CROs get bigger—how will that affect sponsors? Consolidation continues in the CRO space, with the acquisition of Chiltern by LabCorp being just the latest example of top CROs expanding and increasing their breadth of offerings. As large CROs continue to acquire smaller competitors, can sponsor companies expect to benefit from this development? I recently … Continued

Respondents Average 3.2 Small Molecule Sterile Injectables in Their Development Pipelines

Informing the pharmaceutical drug development, manufacturing and commercialization industry. Cary, NC – August 8, 2017 –  Industry Standard Research’s (ISR’s) Small Molecule Sterile Injectable Drug Product Manufacturing Market Overview and Outlook report looks specifically at the portfolios and pipelines of small molecule sterile injectable outsourcers to gauge future demand among outsourcers, to understand how contract manufacturers are selected … Continued