Two-thirds of pharmaceutical manufacturing is outsourced, ISR Reports

Only one-third of manufacturing is currently conducted in-house, from development stages to after commercial launch, according a recent report. The report, published by Industry Standard Research (ISR), explained that the majority of work is outsourced – and mainly to preferred providers, who are netting the largest portion of work. According to Kate Hammeke, Vice President … Continued

Preferred providers pick up largest share of outsourced manufacturing

Informing the pharmaceutical drug development, manufacturing and commercialization industry. Cary, NC – November 18, 2016 – A new market research report from Industry Standard Research (ISR), Contract Development and Manufacturing Outsourcing Models, reveals the motivations and strategies behind drug innovators’ decision to outsource and how different outsourcing relationships are selected. The report explores how sponsor … Continued

Best Practices in Study Feasibility

Successfully navigating the medical, clinical, logistical and regulatory challenges associated with establishing the feasibility of a clinical trial is not easy. Insights from sponsor organizations, CROs and sites have been compiled in ISR’s Best Practices in Study Feasibility report. A particular area of interest for readers of the report are the techniques and innovations proffered … Continued